Blue Giant Equipment Corporation

The loading dock and material handling industry has evolved substantially during the last fifty years. So has Blue Giant Equipment Corporation, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in May 2013. By effectively identifying market trends and recognizing product development opportunities, Blue Giant has made strategic decisions that keep the company at the forefront of innovation.

Today Blue Giant is the premier solutions provider of safe, effective, and technologically innovative loading dock and material handling equipment. The world-renowned product line includes dock levelers (including the industry’s first air cylinder dock leveler), ground-level lifts, vehicle restraints, intelligent dock controls, seals and shelters, and a diverse offering of material handling products.

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Levelers                                               Seals

Pit Style

Air:                                                                                       Compression Seal:
pit air 1                                              compression seal 1

Hydraulic:                                                                           Inflatable Shelter:
pit hydraulic 1                                                   inflatable seal 1

Mechanical:                                                                        Rain Shroud:
pit mech 1                                               rain shroud 1

Edge of Dock:

Hydraulic:                                                                           Retractable:
edge hydraulic 1                                                     retractable shelter 1

Mechanical:                                                                       Rigid Shelter:
edge mechnical 1                                                    rigid shelter 1
Dock Locks:
dock lock 1